Vintage Capri style

I ❤️ this Vintage Fashion with a French Riviera stripe top and red flowing skirt. Look forward to being skinny again & wear this outfit.

So gosh darn cute | 1970s fashion inspiration

July 1971 Grace Coddington Related Post Intarsia Color Blocked Ribs Salt & Pepper Marl Like a Horse’s Mane


woman in the forties look so amazing and put together. I was born in the wrong era! Eyebrow Makeup Tips

1930’s Fashion. <3

Adrienne Ames--She made 30 films during the with her biggest success in George White's ''Scandals'' She appeared with the three leading men from the 1931 version of Dracula (Bela Lugosi, David Manners, and Edward Van Sloan) in ''The Death Kiss''

1970s Menswear inspired

Although I did not wear YSL, I did wear the first pants suit to Colerain High School in Yves Saint Laurent collections Supernatural Style