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Great Natural Window Displays

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We're just getting started on a series of natural window displays where we aim to use mainly natural materials and a few recycled items where needed to highlight the beauty of nature and inspire others to get creative with what you have around you.

Shadows in the mist - this display was made by piecing together a stag and fawn from skeleton leaves found on the floor of our little enchanted forest.

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This display was inspired by the natural colours of late winter - the snow drops and lilies that grow wild on the farm, and the abundance of ripe lemons and oranges. The display features our rose shaped cones and warming cinnamon cones.

The Liquid Amber leaves used in our window display are 100% natural and easy to create - we placed them in lunch wrap and pressed them for two weeks inside an old set of Encyclopedia Britannica. When they are no longer needed in the window they can be used for scrap booking, she-shed activities and other natural arts and crafts.

This is our first window display. Love the way the lighthouse across the road is reflected in leaves. The display focuses on the use of pressed leaves for decorative purposes, and you can find our little nutters tucked away in cosy bird's nest (an old one that had blown to the ground), and baskets of nuts and cones.