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I waaaaaant this!! Smiley piercing ♥ and a septum= me in love!

Nose, septum, and smiley piercing. I love septum and nose piercing want both when I'm older but I've never considered and smiley although this is really pretty

tongue piercing (: I had a dream the other day where my little sister had this piercing.

Tongue piercing jewellery for tongue body piercings. Tongue barbells and tongue rings from the body jewellery shop the best for tongue piercing jewellery and body jewellery for the tongue

9 place you can pierce your ears, I want to do #2!!! Maybe a reward after the next ten pounds lost.

1 = Helix 2 = Industrial 3 = Rook 4 = Daith 5 = Tragus 6 = Snug 7 = Conch 8 = Anti-Tragus 9 = Lobe Wanting a helix piercing now(: