Message in a Bottle

Message in a Bottle variations by Jayney Crafts
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a glass jar filled with water and small green animals in the bottom, sitting on top of a white surface
Green Message in a Bottle
“Happiness Blooms from Within” - Green Message in a Bottle by Jayney Crafts
a small glass bottle filled with blue and gold fish in it's bottom, sitting on a white surface
Blue Message in a Bottle by Jayney Crafts
Blue message in a bottle. Made by Jayney Crafts. Inside note is “Strive for progress not perfection” | #crafts #bottle #sequins #message #messageinabottle
Bottled Messages created by Jayney Crafts.
Made with: • Craft paper • Cork bottle • Ribbon • Glitter/Sequins • Small Beads Captions are the handwritten quotes inside.
Message in pink paper & ribbon inside cork bottle with pink sequins & beads. Pink, Beads, Ribbon, Craft, Black Ribbon
Message in a Bottle - Pink with Black ribbon
Message in a Bottle made by Jayney Crafts | #messageinabottle #beads #sequins #bottle #craft
Pink message in cork bottle tied with red ribbon and pink flower shaped sequins at bottom of the bottle. Flower Power, Pink Flowers
Message in a bottle made from craft paper, tied with ribbon and gold glitter stars at bottom of the bottle. Gold Stars