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I like this quote but id prolly end up doing a quote from the Papa Roach song 'Scars' instead. And, I've come to be made up of scars and flaws over the last few years (physical and emotional), and it's hard to accept, but that is who I am.

Amazing forearm tattoo - 55+ Awesome Forearm Tattoos

Amazing forearm tattoo - Awesome Forearm Tattoos Frkin creepy but cool

Biomechanical Leg - tattooideas247.com/biomechanical-…

Intricate biomechanical leg, going from guys thigh onto his foot, with many cogs and a crazy three-dimensional effect.

Wow this is crazy/scary looking kind of lol

Is this a peak into the future ? - Barcodes for ID and USB quick connection even more vital than it is now ? - George Orwell predicted our future and most of the detrimental 'improvements ' he mentioned are here now!