Jasmine Steele
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Do this every year on the kids birthday, take a photo and add it to next years! Use photos of that year, or big moments and add the previous years photo of this. Great way to watch your kids grow!

Party decoration craft - Make a collage in the shape of a number to represent the birthdat age or anniversary year with pictures of the one(s) being honored.

Caramel Apple Cheesecake!

Caramel Apple Cheesecake Love it? Pin caramel apples and I love cheesecake so when you put the two together in this recipe. It's a show stopper! There are.

Great way to give a few gifts to someone

Brown paper package tied up with string. filled with a few of your favorite things. Super cute gift to brighten a friend's day! I LOVE this idea!

So cute!

An extremely cute boyfriend gift I could put a magnet on it so he could put it on the fridge. A just cuz gift for any time

I've always wanted to hollow out a book for a secret hiding place!

How to hollow out a book for a secret hiding place.been wanting to do this, now I have directions. - Even though kinda conflicted about the loss of a good book, Love the idea of the secret hiding place.

Collect a rock at every interesting place you go and then make your own welcome-mat with all your memories.

DIY DOOR MAT: Glue Gun, Scissors, River Rocks at the dollar Store! and Shelf Liner (or mat) in a matching color. So great - it's hard to find a door mat that is large enough to go in front of the door with out looking rinky-dink and stupid :)

Print on wax paper, iron onto fabric...the possibilities are endless!

print on wax paper, iron onto fabric, make pillow case. press shiny side of freezer paper on fabric, run through printer and make your pillow case. Read it - did it - WORKS!