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a checklist with the words third trimester written in black and white on it
Everything On My 3rd Trimester To-Do List - The Mama Notes
Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor | Pregnancy Ab Separation | Fit Pregnancy Workouts
Discover how to strengthen your pelvic floor and address pregnancy ab separation with our effective Fit Pregnancy Workouts. Our expert-led content provides valuable insights and techniques to support your journey to a healthy and fit pregnancy. Say goodbye to pregnancy ab separation with our specialized exercises designed to target and strengthen your core. // strengthen your pelvic floor // how to strengthen your pelvic floor // how to strengthen your pelvic floor exercise // exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor //
Pre baby discussions with my partner: 

Topics we actually discussed: 
baby monitors
breast pumps
car seats
packing a hospital bag
announcing the baby 
newborn photogtapher 
where the baby will sleep

Topics I wish we discussed 
How we deal with sleep deprivation 
Role of grandparents and boundaries
sharing night wakings & feedings 
mental health checks for us both 
non-working down time 
building a support system 
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Conversations to have with your partner before your baby arrives
Save this pin, these are the conversations that we sometimes forget to have with our partners amongst the excitement for the baby's arrival. Yes the nursery is important, but so is discussing how we deal with sleep deprivation and how to find extra support when needed.
an info poster shows how to use the correct way for pregnant women's butts
11 Real Ways to Have a Belly ONLY Pregnancy and Prevent that Mommy Pooch!
a person laying in bed with their hand on top of his head and the words, 10 things you should research before you give birth
Informed consent | labor & delivery | new parent advice | new baby care | info for birthing parent