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Tyler Oakley and Troye Sivan I WATCHED THEM TAKE THIS SELFIE LIVE!!!!!!

Tyler Oakley and Troye Mellet wearing Tyler's clothes and glasses. I can't handle how adorable this picture is! Troyler is real

Troye Sivan & Tyler Oakley

Tyler Okley & Troye Sivan We all ship this so hard You can BUY Troyler Merchandise by clicking their cute faces ^^

Youtubers ❤

Repost if you see your favorite or favorites. Mine our Joey Tyler Zoe Jenna and Lilly

Youtubers <3

Shane Dawson has an eating disorder, zoe has a panic disorder, Joey graceffa has a learning disability, tyler has a eating disorder. I love all of these people and things like this tell me that it will all be ok