Tamarere, Maori chief from Atene and Koriniti, photographed by William Henry Thomas Partington, circa 1895. He wears a long feather in his hair (close to the forehead hairline) and a korowai (tag cloak). He has a facial moko, beard and moustache.

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Half length studio portrait of an unidentified Maori man, photographed by William James Harding of Wanganui between 1856 to 1889. He has a beard and a moustache. He wears a jacket decorated with a camelia flower, and a hat

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Outdoors portrait of unidentified man with large moustache in striped suit sitting on veranda of wooden house with two large dogs, probably Christchurch region

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Studio portrait of an unidentified young man standing alongside a penny farthing bicycle. He wears a suit, a waistcoat, and a hat. He has sideburns and a moustache. Behind him is a low colonnade, a curtain, and a painted backdrop depicting columns and an urn. Photograph taken by William James Harding of Wanganui, circa 1880s.

Studio portrait of unidentified sailor with large moustache, probably Christchurch district [ca 1905-1926

Studio upper torso portrait of unidentified sportsman with large moustache wearing a singlet with three medals, Christchurch

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