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CROWN JEWELS PUT UP FOR SALE. A magnificent diamond tiara, part of the Bavarian Crown Jewels, which were put up for sale at Christie's, in London, recently. (Ellesmere Guardian, 12 February 1932)


quaintly charming they look as though you had .found .them in your-grandmother's jewel-box.; Yet it is not oldfashioned jewellery but: merely reminiscent of the old. If you do wear old,' precious.'things, theh\it. is in:a new. and individual manner that they have never known before. You will mix! them with frankly fake, modern bracelets and necklets without a thought (Evening Post, 17 March 1938)

Hawkins, Myrtle, fl 1916 :[Design drawings for jewellery items]. 1st prize 1916.

[Levien, Johann Martin], fl 1840s-1850s :Fig IX - Jewel case, manufactured for Russell Gurney, esq., by Mr J M Levien; [and], Fig X - Escritoire, manufactured for Her Grace the Duchess of Sutherland, by Mr J M Levien. [1861].