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a heart made out of different colored papers
STACY SPANGLER ART on Instagram: "As a mixed media artist I’m constantly trying new products and jumping from one medium to another. This month I’ve been back on the resin kick and love the finished look for these really layered and textured hearts. The layers of paint, collage, glitter and ribbon look so yummy sealed in this glossy finish. Photos just don’t do it any justice. #youtube demo for the resin coming soon. Just listed a very small collection of these on my site-I wish I had time to do more but they take so long to create. #mixedmediaart #texturedart #artresin #ihartpink #ihartpinklove"
a black and white heart shaped object on a white surface
Show daily heart on simplest way
white life ©: Show daily heart on simplest way
a polka dot heart with a red crown on it's head hanging from a wall
Corazón de yeso
a black and white striped heart with a red heart on it's center piece
a drawing of a heart with a butterfly on it
a heart made out of different colored papers
stacy spangler- mixed media heart
a blue heart is hanging on the wall
1 Corinthians 13:4-8 Meet Virginia Arts on Facebook
three people with hearts on their heads are standing in front of a blue and pink background
four hearts painted on canvass in different colors