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crochet crab ;P

I’m competing in two Ravelympics events with this guy: crocheting an amigurumi (event skelegurumi) and completing a design from sketch to FO (event designer (day before start date.

So keen for this!

:) fun thing for the kids to play outside with paint clothes. and of course use washable paint!

cake in a can :o

Mini Cakes baked in a Can - more for the idea than the actual recipe. That reminds me, I have to find that Tomato Soup Cake recipe. I just tastes like a spice cake with no hint of the secret ingredient that makes it moist.

DIY Glitterball lanterns

Glitter Disco Ball DIY: Materials Needed: paper lantern (I show a white and in this tutorial) spray glue for glitter glitter drop cloth or something where you can let the glitter drop - kaylees room

DIY Tissue Pompoms

Floral Pom-Poms Dahlialike bursts of color hang from the ceiling, adding charm your Mother's Day brunch or celebration. These tissue paper pom-poms can be made in the size and color of your choice. How to Make the Floral Pom-Poms

"Dip yarn in watered down glue, wrap around balloon and pop balloon when dry..."

Another balloon craft! (Blow up a balloon and tie it. Dip yarn in glue. Wrap the glued yarn around a balloon. Let the yarn dry. Once dry, pop the balloon!

homemade glitter

cup sugar, teaspoon of food coloring, baking sheet and 10 mins in oven to make edible glitter.Christmas cookies I JUST cup sugar, teaspoon of food coloring, baking sheet and 10 mins in oven to make edible glitter.

diy rope container for $2 via the Gilded Hare

DIY rope bowls for my beach theme basket. I wonder if I could do a garbage can too? wouldn't it be just as easy to wrap and glue the rope to a can or trash can? I might really try this today!


White Birds HandPulled Screenprint Limited by HeartandCrafts


Lots of free patterns