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Christchurch Cathedral - New Zealand.  Between 2011 and 2012 Christchurch was 20 percent demolished by a series of earthquakes.  Decision was made, after much discussion and disagreement, to demolish the remains and build new.  A temporary building has been erected for use in the interim.
Reminds me of my childhood, I haven't made these in years. Chocolate Crackles  #CadburyKitchen
the Kiwi, New Zealand's iconic native bird.
pavlova cake- "The Pavlova is an iconic dessert to New Zealand. The dessert was named after the prima ballerina Anna Pavlova, who toured New Zealand in 1926. It is rumoured that the Pavlova dessert was named in her honour by a Wellington chef. The light and fluffy Pavlova dessert is thought to represent the ballerina’s famous swan costume which consisted of a white, layered tutu."
The Kiwi a New Zealand icon but this one is rare because it is white. They are usually brown.
chocolate crackles
Corrugated iron is a classic New Zealand building material, but it can also be a creative medium. In Tirau, the artful side of corrugated iron is explored.
1974 Commonwealth Games New Zealand logo
Kerikeri: Located next door to Kemp House, the Stone Store is NZ's oldest stone building. It was designed by Wesleyan missionary John Hobbs, and built by Australian convict William Parrott.

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1974 Commonwealth Games New Zealand logo
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marshmellow taartjes
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