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baked potatoes with parmesan cheese and herbs in a casserole dish, ready to be eaten
Tennessee Onions - That Oven Feelin
Tennessee Onions - That Oven Feelin
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some food is sitting in a muffin tin on a table with parmesan cheese and herbs
Whenever I serve these at parties, they are gone before I have time to take my serving
Whenever I serve these at parties, they are gone before I have time to take my serving
Honey Garlic Butter Roasted Carrots | Glazed Carrots Recipe
Honey Garlic Butter Roasted Carrots | Glazed Carrots Recipe
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The Most Delicious Way to Cook Green Beans
The Most Delicious Way to Cook Green Beans _ With chicken broth, olive oil, garlic & butter. I scoured the internet for recipes & combined what I liked about all the recipes I found & now I have developed the most delicious way to cook green beans!
air fryer fried avocado is the best way to cook
Easy Air Fryer Fried Avocado - 2 Ingredients + Ready in 10 Minutes!
These easy Air Fryer Fried Avocados have a crispy breaded exterior with a warm, soft and creamy avocado interior! They only need 2 ingredients and are ready in just 10 minutes! #Avocado #FriedAvocado #AirFryer #AirFryerRecipes #Vegan #Vegetarian
greek baked feta - stuffed peppers with ketchup and parsley on top
Greek Oven-Baked Feta Stuffed Peppers - Real Greek Recipes
I've never had such delicious potatoes, dinner is ready in a few minutes.
Cheesy Cauliflower Steaks
a slow cooker with the words wrap potatoes in foil and tosses in slow cooker for a new go - to favorite meal
Try These Easy Foil-Wrapped Slow Cooker Baked Potatoes
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Restaurants Don't Want You to Know About this Onion Trick | restaurant | Restaurants Don't Want You to Know About this Onion Trick | By Janelle & Kate | Wanna be generous? This is olive oil. Did you know it's important to get your olive oil from one region of the world. This is butter now. Butter will crisp it up where olive oil will just make sure it all gets moist. Butter will crispen it right up. Your garlic. This is minced garlic. Can we use regular garlic? You could use fresh garlic. Yep. So we're just going to put that right on top. Right on top. If you want you can get a little bit of the juice with it. Seems a lot of garlic. Is that a normal amount? Yep. Okay. This is how you cut your onion to do it. So a lot of people go oh my gosh how did you do that? So you're going to look very cool in here. Okay. Make sure so we're flat ends both sides. Then we're going to cut down the side like that. Take your finger now. Yep. Get it under one of the layers. Got it. And peel. So you are peeling it. That's where the saying comes peeling like an onion. Or layers like an onion. Okay so now we disregard those. We're going to cut it like this. Did you cut yourself a little bit? Um maybe. Sharp knives. Oh a couple times actually. Fresh. Fresh knives. Okay so then we're just going to put it in the same order that they came out in. Just like that. And just like that. I see. So they do kind of like these are blossoms. I'm making a blossom. Homemade blossom. Olive oil. Then we're going to take our butter. Our blossoms supposed to be butter or breaded. This is how I cut my butter too. We just go like that. We just go like that. So very simple. Probably half of a teaspoon. Okay on this one. Little less. This is panko. I saved it from another recipe. And this is where we're just going to go like this. We're really going to try to in the center. Oh, because normally they're breaded. So, this is the way you're you're breading, you're deep frying them kind of away. Exactly but this was healthier because we're putting them in the oven. Oh, wow. That's so good. I take my pepper. We're just going to go pepper, pepper, pepper, pepper. Shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake. Salt right here. To add a little thyme. Is it time to add some thyme? It's time to add thyme. Now we can just put a sprig in. Just like this. Cuz you're just adding like some flavor. We're adding flavor. Oh it looks so pretty. Right. Don't and it it does make it pretty. Yeah. It's all about like the presentation. I agree. I love your roses. They're so pretty. Yay. Now you take it to the oven just like this. She looks she kind of looks like put it right into the oven. Oh my stars in heaven. It is done. Are you kidding me? You're so excited. Oh my gosh. Well I've just made homemade bloom and onions. Do you know how much they charge for these things out? Where'd you get them? Outback Steakhouse. Ready? Okay so first we need to remove all of the thyme. Sticks will not taste good. I mean. Take all the thyme out. You're just going to eat a plain onion. Yep. Look my panko in here. It's cooked. Wow. Remember I have butter, olive oil, garlic, pepper, panko in this. Are you ready? I'm going to pull this one out. Wow. Do people eat onions like that? I don't eat onions. Oh yeah. People eat blooming onions all the time. They have them at chilis, baby bakeries also. Ready? Perfectly cooked. Holy cow. It's so good. Okay. If you want more breaded like this. I these are sweet onions right? I believe sweet onions or white onions. Do you remember? I have no idea. Mm. Put them with a shake. Chicken wings. Yep. Good. Perfect.