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some people are standing on a wooden deck
ITI Timspec Timber - weatherboards, decking, flooring
vitex (vasa) decking - weathered for two years
a brochure with flowers on it and the words easy care guide written below
Clematis 101 Easy Care Guide
Clematis 101 Easy Care Guide | Clematis is one of the most-loved garden vines yet it's not always easy to know when to prune your vines or leave them alone. This will help you determine which type of clematis vine you have and when it's best to trim it back, and when you should leave it alone.
the white flowers are blooming on the tree
Clematis armandii plants
Clematis Armandii.The fastest clematis in the west! Clematis armandii is an astounding variety with some first-class qualities. The glistening white blooms emit one of the first fragrances of spring. You'll also enjoy all year colour thanks to plants being evergreen. Plus rapid growth, great in shade, the list goes on. Order 2 or 3 today, for trouble-free impact in your garden. Height: 5m (15'). Spread: 3m (10'). Pruning group: 1
a blue flower with yellow stamen in the center
11 Stunning Flowers That Thrive in Shade
11 Stunning Flowers that Thrive in Shade | Hometalk
some white flowers are growing in the dirt
White Feather Hosta - UNBELIEVABLE! - NEW! -RARE! - The Homestead Survival
a white flower with green and white stripes on it's petals is shown from above
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~Hosta 'White Christmas'
the garden is full of flowers and trees
PlantFiles Pictures:Climbing Hydrangea (Hydrangea anomala subsp. petiolaris)
Incredible mature climbing hydrangea rambling up a tree trunk. Hydrangea anomala ssp. petiolaris.
an arch covered in lots of white flowers and greenery next to a brick building
All About Hydrangeas
Any garden structure looks lovelier with a vine scampering up it. Place climbing hydrangea near entryways or seating areas where you'll enjoy its sweetly scented flowers. And give its aerial roots something sturdy to cling to, such as a masonry wall or a large tree trunk. Standout varieties include variegated 'Firefly' and its silvery-leaved cousin, 'Moonlight.'
a garden with white flowers and green plants
Climbing Hydrangea ..rh
a garden with white flowers and green plants
Climbing Hydrangea ..rh