Jane Veitch

Jane Veitch

Tauranga New Zealand
Jane Veitch
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- Jenny Doan demonstrates the magic of tube sewing. It's fun, fast, easy, and makes various lovely quilting blocks.

Sylvia's Stitches: Quilter's Strip Poker!

After visiting the Quilter's Unlimited Quilt Show in May, I joined the Haymarket Chapter of QU. The June meeting was a Social, so it wa.

And now for something completely different... working on this Stunning quilt by Susan G. It's fun to switch it up with a more traditional quilt once and a while #longarmquilting #apqslucey #apqscanada #fmq

Susan made this Washington Medallion quilt (pattern by Sue Garman) and I got to quilt it! It’s definitely more traditional than my usual style, and so it was fun to get to play with more trad…

Here’s a technique that will help you increase your border design repertoire with virtually little or no marking. We like to think of this as "mixing and matching” because all the designs are based on a common principle—an imaginary line down the center of the border that allows the designs to bounce from one side to the other.

A quilt border serves the same purpose as a picture frame—it keeps the viewer’s attention focused on what’s happening inside it.