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Embroidered Subversive Collages By Artist Jose Romussi

Chilean artist Jose Romussi adds embroidery to paper photographs to extracts a third dimension, and thus a nascent personality, out of an otherwise flat image. By doing so, Romussi opens space for …

Hoshii by Marcel van der Vlugt #fashion

'food' mask - Marcel van der Vlugt, photographer, 2002 - because everyone want a picture with cheese on their face

Questlove by Kehinde Wiley

Wiley’s portrait of the musician Questlove, for Burkhard Bilger’s “The Rhythm in from Portrait Photography in The New Yorker

This photo I can imagine because of the sureal nature- cast as a statue in the city of Prague.

This is a very interesting photo montage because they took a photo of a man and replaced his head with books. The photos work very well together and the shadow from the book helps to sell the piece as a whole.