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I have found a true ( willing to pay) first customer. She is a work colleague and documentary enthusiast with many like-minded contacts. They all live within the Auckland CBD vicinity.

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Even though it is primarily a cultural entrepreneurship venture, making profit would be good in way that it will give me more money to expand my options when obtaining documentaries and speakers. I will also use as much volunteers as possible, However, I will also be mindful of unexpected costs . If I had 60 subscriptions, my variables will increase for tea and coffee, legally it would also get more expense so I anticipate $5000 over the semester.

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Creating an exclusive home for documentary enthusiasts. This is an idea in the face of superior competition(Netflix and Documentary blogs). I am also interested in the way the Auckland Film Society works to fulfills the needs of the independent film buff. The society is primarily a not-for-profit organization where the membership fees on cover the overheads. The society is run by volunteers and sponsors.

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Comments: What can the Documentary Hub do? It can deliver food for the brain. It would be the way of delivering the easiest option to learn about new topics. I believe that documentaries have a dual purpose in which they both to entertain and help one take on new knowledge. It will create intellectual stimulation and a like-minded community. I don’t see it as a cinema, but a sanctuary for documentary devotees.

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Possible Stakeholders Just putting it out there I am looking at who I know, who I could approach to enable my idea further. These are possible contributors . My place of work UoA is also pivotal as I need time off work and the willingness of my wife to take our a second mortgage.

Poignant, educational and gripping, those are the words which summed up the documentary 'Dear America'( pictured ). Like library books, documentaries help us learn. Framing reality is a vice I couldn't embrace more and taking note of the likes/comments i see attached to various documentaries on YouTube, I can attest we are not a minority.

The Documentary Edge Festival (pictured) happens once a year and the Rialto Cinema occasionally screens some; however, we need a weekly fix. Like dining out once a week, it would be good if we could also indulge from an educational menu.