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GunMount AR-15 quick mount in Super Duty Truck
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instructions for how to pack a bag using the ranger's roll - a - skirt
How to Pack a Bag Using the Ranger Roll HOW TO RANGER ROLL T-SHIRT 1: LAY YOUR T-SHIRT FLAT and fold 3: FOLD THE RIGHT of up the bottom of the shirt inside-out for 2: FOLD THE LEFT of the shirt inward, fold back the about 2 inches to form a cuff. Smooth the shirt inward, then fold _ sleeve, and rotate the t-shirt out any big wrinkles with your hand. that sleeve back onto itself. around so the collar faces you. 4: STARTING FROM THE COLLAR, roll the shirt up as tight as you can. Roll the entire length of 5: YOU NOW HAVE alittle pouch on the the shirt, smoothing out wrinkles as you go. backside of your roll. Take that pouch and wrap it Remember to keep that roll tight, tight. around your rolled.up shirt, locking it in place. HOW TO RANGER ROLL PANTS 1: ZIP UP AND 3: STARTING FROM BUTTON your pants THE BOTTOM, roll your Lay flat with the pants up as tight as you waistband atthe top. 2: SMOOTH OUT any -_can. Smooth out any Fold waistband inside big wrinkles. Fold pants wrinkles as you go. Roll 4: PULL POUCH OVER out about 3 inches to inhalf, pant leg over the entire length of your PANTS, roll fo lock it in form a cuff pant leg, pants. place. HOW TO RANGER ROLL UNDERWEAR 1: LAY UNDERWEAR 2: FOLD of your FLAT and fold underwear over. Fold 3: ROLL the entire 4: PULL POUCH OVER waistband inside out the remaining over _length of your your underwear roll to obout 2 inches. the middle. underwear tightly. lock in place. Avo Mane Te Al Rghs Resere HOW TO RANGER ROLL SOCKS 1: PLACE YOUR SOCKS on top of each 2: ROLL the entire other with the sock on top staggered length of your socks 3: PULL POUCH about an inch below the bottom sock. vp (tight!) over sock roll - iFunny
a hat with arabic writing on it and a blue button in front of the cap
Go Fuck Yourself PVC Patch
a green and white sign on the side of a building that says operator as fock
the interior of a car with many different items in it
Tactical Car Seat Organizer
Atwood Rope Mini TRD | Vinjatek Prepping Gear, Bushcraft Shelter, Bushcraft Skills, Bushcraft Gear, Deer Season, Survival Shelter, Bushcraft Knives, Pocket Dump, Custom Knife
Operative Medical Gear: Building Your IFAK: The Tourniquet
Atwood Rope Mini TRD | Vinjatek