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God is everywhere, so pray anywhere!

God is everywhere, so pray anywhere ~~I Love the Bible and Jesus Christ, Christian Quotes and verses.

Dear God, Thank You for Everything

I thank the Lord for everything, for summer, spring & fall, I thank him for my daily bread and for my flat so small, for many favours granted me I'm grateful through and through.

Psalm 46:10

Be still and know that i'm with you. be still. be still. (The Fray, Be Still) Be Still and know that I am God (Psalms

I Surrender All - Judson W. Van DeVenter (Hymn) [ 1896 ] From the album “Amazing Grace” by Various Artists

All to Jesus, I surrender all - to Him, I freely give. // The Worship Project design + worship)


spiritualinspiration: “ For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God.) We serve such a loving, gracious and generous God.

His love for you is deeper than the ocean. Bask in God's love. God wants you to feel completely accepted. Completely valued. Completely upheld, respected and protected.

True love!

I love you too God! Thank you for loving me despite of my wrong doings and thank you for caring for me! Thank you for my extraordinary life and my beautiful loving family! Thank you for leading me I love you so


I am a God.I am Me.I am the master of my own universe.I am the writer of my own book.I am the teller of the stories.I am the earths beating drum.I am Me