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"Oh, sorry I didn't know dinner was going to be held in my bedroom." <<< give this kid a metal.

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Guess I'm still stuck in lol. [ "Now we know what is 2017 trend!wow we r just getting weirder", "Ah, the internet ruining fine art since

What's your best non-swearing insult? http://9gag.com/gag/a1MGMBG?ref=fsidebar

All except the hufflepuff. I'm a slytherin but hufflepuff isn't an insult<< I am also a fellow Slytherin and found that quite rude. Also, does no one remember Cedric Diggory? He was a Hufflepuff and he was awesome!

LMAO this goes out to Mark!!!

Other - JoeyI wasn't that drunkDude, you put my hamster in his hamster ball and threw it at the wall saying 'Pikachu! I choose you!' You're lucky he's still alive.NoOh thank godHe's dead.

find the error, it's impossible

Find the error It's impossible. :D<<<Find the error it's impossible<<<<find the error it's impossible

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This happened EVERY DAY when my brother and sister were younger.