Weird & Dreamy

The fascinating, strangely unsettling, and beautiful things that belong in a dream
80 Pins
a group of people standing around a pool with white flowers in the sky above it
"Under the Tulips" Poster for Sale by Maisie Kane
a group of people sitting on top of a tree in the middle of a field
J.P Bonino and Digo Studio
an illustration of white flowers and a bee on a pink background with blue berries in the foreground
Oana Befort | 海外のイラストレーターへのご依頼は Cross World Connections
two people are walking in the grass with sunflowers on their heads and an orange object above them
a cake shaped like a couch sitting on top of a table
Sofás a medida - Mobbeltur | Sofás a medida
a house made out of clouds sitting on top of a field next to a fence
Lomography - Retro-Futuristic Photo Collages by Philipp Igumnov
a house with three bushes in front of it
70 fabelhafte Bilder zur Vorgartengestaltung
a drawing of a man sitting on top of a box with a tree growing out of it
two people sitting in the woods with paper houses on their heads
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a dog is sitting on the table with an old phone
Terrible Animal Postcards from the 1950s - Flashbak
there is a giant banana and ice cream cone on the side of this building in front of palm trees
Ben Thomas’ vivid snapshots color-bomb reality | CNN
blurry photograph of pink flowers with green leaves
Paul Rousteau y el arte del color