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"Midnight in Woody Allen's color with his neon eyeglasses. Woody Allen Portrait", New GraphicArt Illustration Poster by Selman Hoşgör (b.

Célébrité et pop culture by Rui Pinho

Ok, so today's featured project is somewhat different. Portuguese designer Rui Pinho have created these visual mashups where he pairs up the face of a

Fashion AND Food??? What kind of bread-bangle heaven is this?! #Bread #Bangle Beauties. Photography #foodstyle by Elise Mesner

♡ Art Direction : bread bangles - food styling still life photography by Elise Mesner

// Conceptual / #Serious #Design #Lighter #Pancake

// Conceptual / #Serious #Design #Lighter #Pancake

lizzie darden o cómo mezclar comida y objetos cotidianos en instagram

Lizzie Darden: linked on shape and use (both food), but not as effective as some of the others I have seen


By now you should know that we are always fond of food and fruit concepts. The “Junk Fruit” series by French photographer Arnaud Deroudilhe shows a mix of healthy and junk by lit