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READ:These amazing YouTuber's names are Alisha Marie (AlishaMarie) and Eva Marisol (MyLifeAsEva). Bethany Mota (MacBarbie07) used to be my favorite YouTuber. But now it is Alisha and Eva. Honestly, don't like Beth as much anymore. Now that she's a "celebrity" she doesn't post anymore videos. She doesn't take time to thank the people who MADE her a celebrity (us). I get that she's busy, but YouTuber's like Alisha and Eva are busy, but they still post videos almost WEEKLY! Comment, do you…

Niki and Gabi-- I love their channel and their personalities! I usually do my makeup more like Niki's, since she keeps colors more neutral and natural.

DeAngelis, known to her 2.8 million YouTube subscribers as MayBaby, succeeds by being perpetually innocent.

((FC: Eva Gutowski)) Hey I'm Eva! I'm 18 and single ready to mingle. I love making YouTube videos! I also like to sing but I'm not very good. My sisters are Liv and Brooke. Introduce?

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