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True, but only after we escape completely out of the south for good this time. FL is no longer one of the worst places we have lived as his parents actually managed to find a place 4x times worse?!? It's funny it's kinda amazing If I think about the odds. #Someonepleasebuythishousebeforeweareforcedto #SouthernEscapism

this is so true, Wouldn't it be great if two-faced people literally had two faces so everyone around them could have heads up on what a fake they are. Unfortunately there is no way to expose the truth without being just this way. So pay close attention seek the truth yourself. Don't be a victim and choose your friends wisely.

AMEN!! That goes for family too!!! There is nothing worse than knowing that the people you think are good people but are really just talking crap about you and putting you down the moment you walk out the room but act completely different when you are face to face....

Try to tell someone the truth and they just can't handle. They run away and pout. Shows what kind of a friend they really were....

Yes! This makes perfect sense. The outlined type works works well with the line art imagery. Text and image have a beautiful quirkiness to them.