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Asian Folding Fan craft

Could make this with flames for Pentecost - This will lead to the Asian folding fan pictured, but I'm pinning for the entire website. This place is full of kids crafts I can use on Monday nights.

Keep homekeeping simpler with these six things to do daily. You'll be amazed by the difference it makes!

Homekeeping doesn't have to be complicated! Six Things I Do Every Day to Keep the House Clean: Clean Mama


i love this kitchen, the island, the white cabinetry but some country french with the awesome chandeliers over the island and the stools. the like the doors under the island seating overhang, lovely brick style tile backsplash

Chicken & pumpkin lasagne

Chicken & pumpkin lasagne - attempted this tonight and turned out BEAUTIFUL! My fiancé quoted "restaurant quality." The pumpkin adds a stunning slightly sweet taste. Definitely saving this for future dinner parties!

Cherry Blossom Art from a Recycled Soda Bottle

One of the easiest paint designs your kids can do: Bottle Paint! Whether it's creating a single flower, or a vase of them or even a cherry blossom tree! This craft involves a few old bottles, paper, paint and you can let your kids run wild with it!

Chocolate Chippies

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