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Magic Crayon Leaf Rubbing Watercolor Resist
colorful leaves are arranged on a sheet of paper
Process Art Leaf Painting with Kids
Process Art Leaf Painting with a group of multi-age children.
an apple center and circle time for preschoolers
Apple Circle Time for Preschoolers
Apple Circle Time - Play to Learn
someone is picking up some food out of the plastic bag that they are wrapping in
Make A Pumpkin Sensory Bag - Little Bins for Little Hands
Pumpkin Sensory Bag Squish Bag Fall Sensory Activity
four pictures of pumpkins with faces painted to look like they have mouths and teeth
Monica Cohen
Halloween pumpkin art lesson project / special education / elementary school age students / a focus on fine motor skills, step by step instructions and proper use of art materials / monicacohenteaches.tumblr.com
two children's hands are painting leaves on paper with the words, why leaves change colors
Hands-on activity showing how leaves change colors in the fall
This hands-on activity (with free printable!) shows kids how and why leaves change color in the fall. (Hint: the yellow color is in the leaf all along, but only gets revealed when the green chlorophyll breaks down in the fall) || Gift of Curiosity
an apple has been cut in half and is ready to be eaten
Erupting Apple Volcano Experiment - Little Bins for Little Hands
Erupting Apple Science Apple-Cano Fizzy Baking Soda Experiment Hands-On Learning And Play Fall is an excellent time of the year to put a little twist on classic science experiments! We especially enjoy baking soda fizzy eruptions. We have tried a few different volcano variations over the past ...
pumpkin moon sand on a white plate with the words pumpkin moon sand written below it
Moon Sand Recipe
Pumpkin Moon Sand Recipe from Growing a Jeweled Rose- amazing Fall activity for kids
pumpkins, seeds, and other items are displayed on a table in front of children's books
Construction Site Dramatic Play - Pocket of Preschool
All About Pumpkins science unit! It’s packed with hands on pumpkin explorations, vocabulary cards, anchor charts, parent notes, a read aloud, and so much more. Perfect for preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten. #preschool #prek #kindergarten #science #falltheme
two apples and an apple sitting next to each other with the words sweet apple scented play dough
Sweet Apple Scented Play Dough Recipe
Sweet Apple Scented Play Dough Recipe and printable tree for a math game with the dough. Lucy will love it! Really great website full of learning through play activities categorized both by age and developmental domain.
pumpkin boats are an easy and fun fall activity for toddlers to play in the water
Pumpkin Boats Fall Sensory Play Idea - Frugal Fun For Boys and Girls
Pumpkin Boats Fall Sensory Play Idea - Preschoolers will love this!
a paper bag with leaves on it and the words wax paper leaf prints painted on it
Wax Paper Leaf Prints – The Pinterested Parent
Leaf Nature prints on wax paper - printmaking ideas for kids. spring
i'm a little pumpkin poem for kids
A cute Halloween song to practice language development skills with your kids!
play dough and pattern block pumpkins for halloween
Play Dough and Pattern Block Pumpkins - Munchkins and Moms
Play Dough and Pattern Blocks- a great preschool activity for Halloween!