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a room that has some stairs in it
Toni & Guy | Travis Walton
Toni & Guy, Port Melbourne | Travis Walton Architecture & Interior Design
a series of photoshopped images showing different types of objects
✂ NIK’S HAIR PARLOUR | Brand Identity
✂ NIK’S HAIR PARLOUR is a vintage modern hair salon for both ladies and gents, located in the town centre of Northampton. Barbershop, barber shop, barber, hair salon, parlour, beard, moustache, logo, sign, badge, vintage, retro, hairdressing salon, brand identiy, mockup.
a black and white checkered floor with a chair in the middle, two framed pictures on the wall
Novas barbearias descoladas na área!
Vem ver as barbearias que acabaram de inaugurar!
the shelves are filled with different types of bottles
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Cool Reclaimed Wood Shelves | 257661 | Home Design Ideas
the shelves are filled with many different types of bottles and jars on wooden shelvings
Interview - Clare Cousins - The Design Files | Australia's most popular design blog.
Aesop Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia / designed by Clare Cousins
the shelves are filled with many different items
Life & Business: Becky Waddell of Be Clean
Be Clean shelves stocked full of #greenbeauty and #vegan #skincare!
a man standing in front of a white brick wall with shelves filled with hair products
Boston Salon Retail Wall
The reclaimed material works throughout all of the different areas of the salon. Here it surrounds the retail product display.
shelves filled with lots of different types of items
love the organic use of split logs along with steel for retail display
an empty room with chairs and mirrors in it
Leibal — Salone Cinq
Salone Cinq is a minimal hair salon located in Osaka, Japan, designed by ninkipen!.
a room that has some chairs and tables in it with lights hanging from the ceiling
the closet is filled with various items and has two doors open to reveal it's contents
Cleaning Tips – DIY Cleaning Closet
Cleaning Tips - The Cleaning Closet at Pin it now and clean it later!
an open cabinet with cleaning supplies in it
OMG... organized for once! This is the "stuff" that is hard to find a perfect place for! It ends up sitting on the floor o f the closet! Drives me nuts.