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a text message that reads, the thing i love about twenty one pilots are those moments in a song where you feel
bands, twenty one pilots, tyler joseph, text posts, josh dun
bands, twenty one pilots, tyler joseph, text posts, josh dun
two pictures one with red eyes and the other with white teeth
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a man with pink hair is standing in front of a blue bus and talking to another man
Josh dun twenty one pilots
a man is running in the middle of an ice skating rink while people look on
two pictures of a man with his hands in the air, and one is holding a plant
i get this a lot
a man with red hair playing drums in front of a green wall and neon lights
two pictures of a man talking on his cell phone with the caption, when your mom doesn't buy you twenty one pilots merch
there are two pictures one has a man playing guitar and the other is holding a bass
a woman standing on top of a stage with her hands out in the air while wearing a green dress
Tyler Joseph // Twenty One Pilots
a cartoon character playing a guitar with the caption, tyler joseph on it's face
two pictures with the same person smiling and one has words on it that say, when you
the cover art for sharing god's story, featuring nine different circles and lines
Music Monday: Stressed Out by Twenty One Pilots
y'all should read this article!