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two pictures of a woman in a blue dress holding flowers
stylishblogger: Everyone needs a Miss Bulgaria in our lives. #MissBulgaria #MissUniverse2015 #MissUniverse #MissUniverso @joytodorova. “Why do you deserve to win Miss Universe?” USA: “i am driven and passionate” PH: “ i am confidently beautiful with a heart” COLOMBIA: xnskdjd cjwldm nskwoapdk pdftyam,.me,myself and I by @bryanboycom
three different shots of the same room with chairs and desks in it, one is upside down on the floor
This Is Why You Should Never Fall Asleep In Class - 4 Pics
This Is Why You Should Never Fall Asleep In Class - 4 Pics
a man walking across a train station with a backpack on his back and the caption says, bro you want to be seen or not?
four pictures of donald and clinton with the caption that reads, things currently striking fear into americans right now
Love, Funny Texts, Funny Tweets
a can with a picture of a person on it and the words you're a blizzard diary
Funny Signs of the Day - 20 Pics (04.29.2014)
a cat sitting on top of a litter box with its head in the basket and caption that reads, this is exactly what your friends see when you're
Pretty Accurate Representation
Pretty Accurate Representation
the text is written in different languages and it looks like they are talking to each other
four different pictures with the words i love how many hipss reblog this
Yes, haha. All Time Low, everyone. Sigh. How I do love those idiots dearly.
the text is written in black and white
many different pictures of sloth or chocolate croissants with caption that reads, what do you think?
Sloth or chocolate croissant?
a woman sitting on top of a grass covered field next to a bird in the distance
a wet sloth hanging upside down in the water with it's legs stretched out
Hilarious; 20 Animal 'Facts' That'll Make You Laugh Out Loud
a group of young women standing next to each other on top of a dirt field
On life and time.
Woah ...