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a black house with an open patio and dining area in the back ground is surrounded by greenery
workshop architecten extrudes barn façade in the netherlands
set among an apple orchard, the façade slab has been repeated four times to dictate the different zones inside this private home.
a small wooden house sitting on top of a grass covered field next to rocks and trees
Gabled structure with metal cladding
a modern house with wooden floors and sliding glass doors on the front door is shown
Lookout House - Room 11
Cam: So I'm keen on a low maintenance cladding. I like this recessed idea with timber which softens the exterior. But I imagine the lateral walls fade differently to the back wall which I don;t like the idea of - fussy eh!
a dog walking in front of a black building on top of a grass covered field
Hau Nui House, Wellington. With COLORSTEEL® prepainted steel roofing and cladding in Ironsand. Architecture by Hugh Tennent, photography by Paul McCredie.
a wooden deck with chairs and plants in the foreground, next to a gray building
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A New Living Pod Creates a Central Courtyard at This Brunswick Home
a black house with wooden steps leading up to it
Brunswick Extension by ArchiBlox (via Lunchbox Architect)