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a glass display case with orange and white paper butterflies in front of a celday store
Kid-Friendly Craft Project: DIY Kite Fun Crafts
two giraffes are shown on the wall
2nd Grade: African Savanna
Art with Mr. Giannetto: 2nd Grade: African Savanna
the goal setting art project is to teach children how to paint and draw on canvases
Inspirational Splatter Paint Art Project for Kids
Inspirational Splatter Art and Tape Resist Art Project for Kids: Use this art activity to set goals or write words of positivity and encouragement. A great project for the beginning of the new year! #buggyandbuddy #artforkids #artprojects #diyorganization
a fish made out of colored paper sitting on top of a wooden table
Weaving Rainbow Fish (Kids Craft)
Supplies Needed: Rainbow colored paper Googly eye (or make one out of paper) White or black card stock paper Scissors/glue Start by cutting strips of the colored paper (using the long side). Cut out the shape of a fish with card stock paper and fold it in half. Use a scissors and cut slits close …
two children's hands made out of black paper with colorful designs on them sitting on a checkered table cloth
Scratch Art Henna Handprint Craft - a Gorgeous Handprint Art Activity for Kids
Scratch Art Henna Handprint Craft - Kids of all ages will love this relaxing and creative art activity - Happy Hooligans #drawing #kidsactivities #artactivities