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Interesting idea. Container home.

Atomic Shipping Container Home - Brand New - Made in USA in Business & Industrial, MRO & Industrial Supply, Material Handling, Shipping Containers

Revlon ad, 1943 fun idea for self portrait

Revlon ad, 1943 fun idea for self portrait From JJ: I like this idea.reminds me of a selfie? Could be updated (not look as retro) and perhaps there is more of an image in the mirror?


Fujimaki Yoshio The red sun 1934 It sends to the new edition book-of-paintings team exhibition (June, Multicolor wood engraving + hand coloring + collage Tokyo National Museum of Modern Arts warehouse.


Its extraordinary art collection includes modern and contemporary art such as Gerty with Mask and Wineglass (Gerty mit Maske und Weinglas) (Ernst Ludwig Kirchner).

<i>Nude Dancers</i>

<i>Nude Dancers</i>