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Emerald Coast in Florida: Paradise on earth!

Seaside, Florida ~ "the idyllic town on the Florida Panhandle known for its perfect beaches & pastel cottages"

I could sit here all day.

MY DREAM. Our cottage sitting right on the beach where I can hear the ocean every night and walk out every morning and sit in my chair in the sand.

Anywhere with a beach...

This is what I want to be doing with my husband on vacation. Sippin on drinks in some rocking chairs facing the ocean.

retirement.... I want my chair to be empty because I'm out living life. Well, unless I'm sitting in it with my lap filled with grand nieces and nephews and my house filled with family and friends. :)

Dream porch and view. I will have my rocking chairs! Might still be looking for someone to sit in the other one, but I will have those rocking chairs on my front porch.