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ESTP tries to be nice to INFP
Sorry that I'm not posting a lot guys! I got really busy all of a sudden! I'll try to post more often ^^ - Credit: @lowoji
ENFP & ESFJ chaos
MBTI videos - Credit: @funkyratss
XNFP, INFJ & INTP with no energy
Slay, intp - Credit: @lowojii
INTP & INFP sharing one braincell
Due to some technical problems I had to repost this one - Credit: @cloumello
MBTI videos - Credit: @kiomi.tsu
INFJ gives INFP life lessons
MBTI - Credit: @lowojii
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INTJ leaves ENTP flabbergasted
MBTI video - Credit: @nayolli_
"I just want a bf" INFP & MBTI
Credit: Carmen Lee
INTP tricks ENTP
MBTI - Credit: @mbti.idiot
ENFP sings for INTJ
MBTI - Credit: OlinaW