Rochelle Iturbe-stenberg

Rochelle Iturbe-stenberg

Rochelle Iturbe-stenberg
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Not planning to install an electric pump, but maybe a hand pump at the top of the dry creek bed, could pump some water during dry spells for the birds... trickle stream, which is basically a dry creek bed with a pump that recycles the water through the course:

A trickle stream - it has a pump to recirculate the water to the top. For the lower side of the garden where water collects

Outdoor Water Play - Pen Green AISWA Scotland Study Tour ≈≈

Outdoor Water Play - Pen Green AISWA Scotland Study Tour ≈≈ Build this with ceramic or bird baths or metal bowls.

Loose parts exploration & discovery space at Sandringham Primary School ≈≈

Gorgeous little outdoor area at Sandringham Primary School. loose parts, rainbow blocks & a mirrored space, image shared by Walker Learning Approach: Personalised Learning (",)

Making a Mud Kitchen for Kids | Finlee & Me

Creating a mud kitchen for kids allows them an opportunity to connect with nature, breath fresh air, feel the sunshine on their face and make childhood memories.