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an advertisement for a travel company with the words $ 50, 000 that's how much you can save when you travel the world and house
SShhhh. The Secret Travel Hack That Saves Couples $$$$ in Europe
What if you and your husband were offered two weeks in Rome and told you'd pay nothing for accommodation? Am I serious? Very. One of the best Travel hacks & Tips (especially for those who prefer slow travel) is Housesitting. Never has caring for peoples homes and pets in return for free accommodation been so popular in the mature (er!) travel scene. In this post, you'll find Guides, checklists, tips, and DIY housesitting resources shared by me (a world traveller) about how you can travel for free by utilising house and pet sitting care. But. Housesitting is NOT for everyone. And while it is true that we have saved in excess of $30k over the last 5 years, this truthful post will help you decide which camp you fall into. To housesit or not to housesit. THAT is the question...
some buildings and water with the words cheap countries in europe for perfect summer written below
19 Alternative & Cheap Countries in Europe for Summer 2024
a woman laying on top of an airplane with the words how to avoid jet lag
12 Plane Travel Hacks You (really) Can't Afford To Ignore
Taking a long haul flight to Europe? Need a few travel hacks & tips? 12 airport hacks for international travel &long flights. Airplane travel tips that you will never forget. Everything you need to know about how to avoid the dreaded Jet Lag!
greece can you afford it?
The Complete Cost of a Trip to Greece. (Leaving you with no surprises)
If you are planning a Greece trip you'll want to know the cost. No hidden surprises. How much IS a trip to Greece? What will you pay in Greek Island restaurants? Accomodation in Greece, food, activities. What Greek Island is cheapest? All super important to know when planning a trip to Greece. Sit back and let us share everything we know.
three travel books that will give you a serious case of wanderlust
Europe Here You Come!! 3 Wanderlust Travel Books (That Will Keep You Hooked!)
Dive into a world of wanderlust and laughter with these must-read travel books perfect for your summer reading list. Immerse yourself in inspiring tales, and funny stories. Self-discovery to hilarious mishaps, these books are the ultimate travel inspiration for women craving laughter & exploration. Funny stories filling your heart with wanderlust. Pack your bags, embrace the journey, and embark on unforgettable adventures through the pages of these funny books for women.
an airplane wing with the words, 12 of the very worst mistakes people make when flying
How to Avoid Jet Lag. 12 Effective Tips You (Really) Can't Afford to Ignore
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The Funniest Travel Book You Will EVER Read (Guaranteed!)
There are lots of book about travel in Europe, but few of them rarely give it to you straight...If you are looking to read one of the BEST travel memoirs and quite possibly one of the most funny books for women I have ever read, then get your copy of The Travel Bog Diaries NOW!! You can thank me for it later! Do not pass this opportunity to have a laugh-out-loud experience while vicariously travelling to Europe and the rest of the world with Liz and her family. Now a #1 BESTSELLER! Armed with humour, optimism, & three pairs of comfy high-waisted travel knickers, this feel-good hilarious pee-your-pants, laugh-out-loud memoir will have you changing your life and racing to book your next adventure. Prepare to laugh, cry & curl your toes while learning that despite parenting fails, family, l
You've FOUND IT! Best Travel Podcast For Women Who Pee When They Laugh (You're my kinda girl 🤩)
Are you a travel woman that wants to be told about things the way they(really)are? Are you at that stage of life where things are (how do I say this politely…) softenning? Do you love to good food & drink fab wine? Are you secretly GLAD that you've softened because now you don’t have to pretend you like wearing those hideously uncomfortable thong knickers. Yes?? You’re my kind of girl! Get your bum up to my profile, and sign up for the Podcast! I’ll wait for you my friend! 😘
Paris as you’ve never seen it before…
Every year is the same. October rolls around, and, without fail, the same futile conversation takes place. "Let's make a pact!" Me and Bri say cheerfully as we slurp on our pumpkin soup, "This Christmas, we will... 1. Not go overboard on presents. After all, the holiday season is about being together, not scanning the presents like scavvy vultures to see who's spent the most. Hurray! 2. Keep the meal nice and simple. No foo-fah for us. 3. Turn off all devices. We will play board games and talk after dinner. Be like the Waltons. 4. Go easy on the alcohol. (Not sure why). Just because it's more organic and healthy. Yippee! 5. Smile and be happy. Always. And every single year, the same thing happens. We... 1. Spend shit loads of money, then get mad when each child doesn't fall
Love is…Being in Athens With Your Husband & He Does This ❤️
Is there anything better? 🧀❤️Homemade spag bol on the roof of our Airbnb overlooking Athens. Pure bliss ❤️🇬🇷 Listen to our podcast “Greece? For a Month? How Much Does THAT Cost?” ➡️click the link in my profile and go to the podcast page OR find the ‘It’s a Drama’ podcast on your favourite podcasting app 😘 #athens #greece #romantic
Why Athens, Greece Needs to be on Your Travel List…
Athens, Greece. One of the worlds best travel destinations yet so often overlooked and rushed through. This summer (2022) we spent a week exploring Athens before heading to the island of Paros and had an incredible time. The food, the people, the ruins, the sunsets. AND Athens is incredibly affordable! We rented a three bedroom apartment in the centre of Athens with the most divine roof top terrace and it cost $75 a night! Follow me for more travel inspiration. I offer real, honest advice and tips for people who don’t want their precious vacation time to be unforgettable! 😘
The (absolute) BEST way to Travel to Europe ❤️
Long to Travel Europe? Visit destinations such as Italy, France, Greece and Spain? Stay in dream accomodation? Are you on a travel budget but don’t want to rough it?? Welcome to housesitting! I travelled the world with my two kids (including the very expensive Europe) & we saved $$$ by housesitting. I write all about housesitting and how you can travel in this glorious way too on my blog the link is on my profile page 🥰 Why not follow me and come and say hi! Liz x
The Most Underrated,Underused Travel Secret EVER!!
Want to travel the world? Visit destinations like Italy, France, Greece, England? All For FREE? You can!! By HOUSESITTING! That's JUST what we are doing right now. We are staying in Tuscany Italy for 6 weeks and it's costing us nothing. Find out how YOU can do the same!
A Secret Europe Travel Tip (That You'll Thank Me For!)
Want to Travel Europe? Visit destinations such as Italy, France, Greece and Spain & stay in dream accommodation? Are you on a travel budget? Well… If you haven’t yet tried Housesitting, then you’re missing out! I travel the world with my kids (including the very expensive Europe) & we save $$$ by Housesitting. I would LOVE to help you discover housesitting 🥰Click the link and come and say hi! Liz #traveltips #europe #housesitting