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an old photo of a statue in the shape of a woman's head and shoulders
Franz METZNER 1870-1919 - leidtragender
Franz METZNER 1870-1919 -
a bronze sculpture of a woman bending over with her head in her hands, on a white background
Hagenauer | Art deco, Art deco sculpture, Deco
a metal horse head on top of a black table next to a white wall and floor
Jacques Owczarek | Galerie Arcanes | Arts Décoratifs XXe - Art Contemporain Paris
an advertisement for a shoe that is made out of black leather
Portfolio Categories – JACQUES OW
a wooden statue of a woman with her hands behind her back and head tilted to the side
Manuel Vargas, artífice de la chola guanacasteca
a sculpture of a heart shaped animal sitting on top of a table
Escultura Toro Orgulloso en Bronce Oscuro | Esculturas de animales