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the full moon is reflected in the water and it appears to be floating on land
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an eclipse in the sky surrounded by clouds
"Black Hole" Tote Bag for Sale by Jorge Lopez
via The Church of the Nervous System/FB
a person holding a jar with the moon in it
28 Quick Pics To Get You Through The Day
28 Quick Pics To Get You Through The Day - Funny Gallery
several different types of dragon figurines are shown in this image, each with different colors
DragonsAndBeasties - Professional, Artisan Crafter | DeviantArt
Angel Dragon Sale March 28 by DragonsAndBeasties:
many different types of toy animals are shown in this image, with the same color and shape
Beasties Sale May 29th by DragonsAndBeasties on DeviantArt
I thought it would be fun to deviate from the dragons a bit and have an all beasties sale for a change. Of course they couldn't just be regular beasties, I love color too much! I really enjoyed mak...
a colorful hand print with the words never forgotten
Rainbow Bridge Art - Never Forgotten - By Sharon Cummings by Sharon Cummings
Rainbow Bridge Art - Never Forgotten - By Sharon Cummings Painting by Sharon Cummings
a man sitting on the ground with his skateboard in front of him and people standing behind him
The pic that says "Fuck you, brain!" [share]
So confused by all this.
a woman standing on top of a sandy beach next to the ocean while talking on a cell phone
Watching the power of the ocean – Totally blending in with her surroundings. She is a master of camouflage.
Watching the power of the ocean | Amazingly Timed Photos
a pair of shoes sitting on top of a wet ground next to a quote that reads, morning coffee 39 photos - free HTML hosting
a leaf laying on the ground in front of a wooden bridge with leaves all over it
Just Passing Through
a hand holding up a piece of paper with a tree in the middle and an old truck behind it
Environmental degradation haunts my dreams
“SIr! What will you have for breakfast?” “Hot chocolate and two rolls of bread please.” “Okay sir. I will bring it right away.” That is my trusted maidservant ri…
two people sitting on the beach next to their bikes and watching the sun go down
Photography on Share Sunday
tall grass next to a wooden fence near the ocean