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a white statue sitting on top of a stone slab in a room with people standing around
Anatomy of an Angel - Damien Hirst
an angel statue laying in the grass with its head on her baby's chest
now I lay me down to sleep
two people in a rowboat on the water with large sculptures behind them and a clock tower in the background
Giant statue sighting in Hamburg
"Badenixe" (bathing beauty) sculpture in Hamburg, Germany
a man and woman walking down a path with an inflatable bear
Marc Quinn’s sculpture of a baby entitled Planet
a close up of a statue with hands covering it's face
Delectable Decadence
a statue on the side of a building next to an open window with shutters
by Jean-Antoine Injalbert - Hôtel Chappaz, Béziers, France
a black and white photo of a sculpture made out of wire with a skull head on top
a sculpture made out of metal circles and dots on it's body is shown in front of a white background
Scrap Metal Sculpture
Scrap Metal Sculpture
three pieces of white art that look like flowers
Art By Johnson Tsang
two women in red and white sitting on a bench next to each other, with the cover of their book behind them
Yanaku x No Name – The Feeling [Future Garage] | Next Level
Sculptures by Manfred Kielnhofer !!
two mannequins are standing next to each other in front of a wall
Anders Krisár Explores Interpersonal Relationships - IGNANT
Anders Krisár
a bronze statue sitting on top of a cement floor next to a grass covered field
Share and join Art & Sculpture page Sculpture by Edgar de Souza
a green sculpture sitting on top of two other sculptures in front of a white background
Error - Saatchi Art
Sculpture by Cris Pereby
two faces made out of clay on a black base with a gray back ground and white background
Sculptures by Arsen Avetisian