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an animal made out of various parts on top of a piece of paper with wires attached to it
Making Cute Cow | Contemporary Automata
a person is taking a photo of two people in a bathtub
Drifting Apart Automaton
an open cardboard box with beads and necklaces in it next to a wooden stand
How to Make Marble Run Machine from Cardboard
a person is pointing at an object made out of cardboard
How to make BIG Marble Run Machine at Home
a sculpture made out of cardboard with metal rings on it's sides and an opening in the middle
How to make spiral Marble Machine - cardboard toy
a small wooden box with a metal object on it's top and an earth globe in the middle
How to make a paper bird step by step
Red Hair, Faeries, Kathleen, Red Hair Woman, Ginger, Arc, Rot, Girls With Red Hair, Fotografie
Rote Haare için 350 fikir | kızıl saç, saç, kızıl
a hand holding a mouse with a black cat on it's head and the mouse is stuck in a piece of wood
Simple Armature Automata and Drill-Powered Flipbooks by Federico Tobon | #ArtTuesday
One Month of Small Machines
One Month of Small Machines
the paper is cut out and ready to be used as a crafting tool for making an origami bird