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two bags of bird feed are attached to a machine
Plus de 70 pubs de Street Marketing créatives à prendre en exemple ! |
the men are sitting on the train with their seats folded down and toilet paper wrapped around them
two pictures one has a coffee cup and the other has a planter
Raised bed gardening, container gardening, giant coffee cups, plant design, doubles as bike rack, city living, sidewalk container garden, Bigelow Té Orgánico PD,
a person holding a cup with a car on it
Very clever marketing and who wouldn't read this PD.
multiple images of different trains on display in a train station, with one showing the tracks
Just some guerrilla marketing.
Just some guerrilla marketing
three pictures of people standing in front of a conveyor belt at a grocery store
Very clever ad for Milky Way on the grocery conveyor belt.
two children playing on an orange slide in a shopping mall with people walking around it
USB Memory Sticks
Great way to advertise product to the public! || Yet Another Graphic Design Inspiration of the Week! Introducing Moire Studios a thriving website and graphic design studio. Feel Free to Follow us @moirestudiosjkt to see more remarkable pins like this. Or visit our website to know more about us. #poster #advertisingDesign #graphicDesign ||
people are walking up and down stairs in front of a building with a christmas tree
Musical Staircase Powered By Proel Amplifiers At Piazza Duomo - ProSoundWeb
Live Sound: Musical Staircase Milan’s subway station of Piazza Duomo for “LiveMi”., province of Milan, Lombardy region Italy
people are sitting on the subway with their feet in the water
Guerilla marketing campaign
the inside of a subway car with red, white and blue markings on the floor
#creative_marketing #marketing #ads #advertising
a woman wearing mitts with mcdonald's written on them
McDonald’s: Fry Gloves | #Advertising
there are pictures of different types of outdoor furniture in the city and on the street
The Bus Stops Here! 34 Bus Stop Guerilla Marketing Hacks - WebUrbanist
The Bus Stops Here! 34 Bus Stop Guerilla Marketing Hacks
multiple images of the inside of an airplane
Το domain είναι προς πώληση
an escalator with two people riding on it
Vodafone instala un tobogán en el metro de Madrid para promocionar su red 4G
Fast faster! Vodafone introduces the new 4G internet with this slide next to the escalators. Smart!
rows of colorful chairs in an empty auditorium
Wide-format print can transform a whole cinema into an advertising campaign by printing special seats.
a pink marker is in the middle of a large room with white walls and flooring
COOL STUFF Archives - Lucky Pony
Advertising inspiration giant-office-stationary Calgary marketing agency
multiple images of different types of cars and trucks
Damn LOL is coming soon
Guerrilla advertising | great ways to advertise in unique public spaces
a woman is carrying a red bag with a washing machine in it
Very clever guerrilla advertising PD
a person is cleaning the side of a yellow truck
there are three different pictures of a basketball court in the street and on the sidewalk
25 Really Creative Floor Sticker Ads
basketball court sticker placed around garbage cans to make throwing out litter a game
a man standing next to a bus stop with a poster on it's side
Ad Award Archive - ANA Educational Foundation
Wisconsin - - advertising - resort - ski - tourism
there is a wall mural in the hallway next to stairs with a man riding a sailboat on it
54 Humorvolle Und Ausgefallene Werbideen Perfekt In Szene Gesetzt! » Humor, Kreative Werbung, Werbung Cold wind beats you down - Warm breezes lift you up | #stairs #mall #windsurfing #print #foilsticker #creative #guerillamarketing #guerilla #btl #ambientmedia found on pinned by a division of
a crane is lifting a can into the air
four different cut out images of animals on trees
posters for the bronx zoo - love the simple advertising.
an advertisement on the side of a city street with buildings in the background and people walking by
Guerilla Marketing
there is a large crane that is on top of a building with a sign above it
guerrilla marketing
an open box with a giraffe on it in front of the eiffel tower
DesignTAXI Community: Creative Connections, Conversations and Collaborations
Ad Agency Places Animal Crates In Paris To Celebrate Zoo's Opening -
an orange sign that says hate dropped on the side of a building
Dropped calls
two pictures of cars parked in front of buildings
Guerilla Marketing - Crunchy O's
a man is sitting in a red chair with a bowl of popcorn on his head
42 Kickass Ambient Advertising Examples for 2014
42 Ambient Advertising Examples for 2014 Guerrilla Marketing Photo
two pictures one showing the front and back window of a car with dents on it
there is a large cloud sculpture in the middle of a parking lot
Guerilla Marketing des WWF Guerilla #marketing #best #advertising
an advertisement for shark mats is shown in three different pictures, one showing the jumping swimmer
Design You Trust
Funny ads. Amazing how the location of your ad can take on so much more meaning so quickly!
a crane is lifting a can into the air
there is a large wooden object on the street corner
Quelques perles du Street Marketing!
street marketing Ic of age #marketing
a ballerina is standing in front of a glass display case with her arms above her head
Creative Advertising - Sharenator
Ballet school guerrilla marketing ad with revolving doors
there are many electronic devices on display at the airport
Account Suspended
Guerrila Marketing to promote iPhone in metro stations in Tokyo