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an abstract drawing of trees and buildings on a white background
concept SKETCH: Photo
concept SKETCH: Photo / I had forgot about my father, and see, his memory returns in beauty//
a drawing of people walking around in front of a tall building with a curved roof
concept SKETCH
concept SKETCH - When I was in college one of our projects was 'Design an ecologically sustainable city'. What we came up with looked a bit like this :).
a drawing of a building with lots of windows on the front and side of it
There are loads of beneficial hints for your woodworking plans at
a drawing of a house with a roof and some plants on the ground in front of it
Galería de Casa del Arquitecto / Jirau Arquitetura - 27
Galería de Casa del Arquitecto / Jirau Arquitetura - 27
a drawing of a curved building with lots of lines on the outside and inside it
Transformable Antarctic Research Facility
an open book with drawings on it and a cup of coffee in the background next to it
Process #coffeesketch | 02.15.12
a drawing of a building on top of a table next to a marker and pen
A basic bird-eye view of a building through emphasising certain parts with marker, including perspectives.
several hands are shown with different angles and shapes in this sketching lesson, the hand is
The Coldest 32 oz Sports Bottle - The Coldest Water
A good rendition of hands. I like the skeleton fingers best. A little busy, but good reference.
a black and white drawing of a woman's face
Charcoal drawing
an image of different lines that appear to have been drawn in ink and then painted with water
two pictures of different types of hair
How I want my hair...
a drawing of a woman's face on top of a newspaper
imasatelliteheart User Profile | DeviantArt
drawing - charcoal on newspaper. What a great effect! Notice how the print adds to the contrast. Must try this. During WWII , teachers used newsprint for art projects.