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an air conditioner sitting next to pink flowers on the side of a building in front of a red wall
Airdeko® - Beautiful air conditioning covers
a wooden planter sitting next to a tall black potted plant
Garden Hacks: 10 Genius Ideas to Hide the Air Conditioner - Gardenista
an outdoor balcony with sliding glass doors and wood slats on the floor next to it
an empty balcony with wooden flooring and black walls
Info | Heat pump Covers - Create your own
a grill sitting on top of a wooden counter
Custom air conditioner cover and barbecue stand
three potted plants sitting on top of a wooden planter in front of a brick wall
Flower stand Outdoor Wooden air Conditioner Rack,Grid Anti-Corrosion Wooden air Conditioner Outer Cover Louvered,Solid Wood air Conditioner
a wooden cabinet with plants in it sitting on the floor next to a patio door
AC Cover Plant Stand