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Upgrade your space with stunning, made-to-measure decorative metal screens from Incision. Discover endless possibilities for: Privacy & Style: Create defined…
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a living room with a couch and a sliding glass door that has leaves on it
Create Beauty in Your Spaces - Iris Decorative Metal Screen
Your spaces do not need to be boring ever! Create your own bespoke space to enjoy every day with our Incision Decorative Metal Screens. See our website for all our designs.
decorative screens with folded edges - easy installation see our full range of designs in action
Embrace the Rustic Charm: Corten Steel Screens
Corten steel screens add a unique, rusty texture to your outdoor space. Our pre-rusted option gives you the look you want without the wait. Strong and durable, they're perfect for gates, fences, and privacy screens. Made in New Zealand.
Iris Design Decorative Metal Screen Screens Room Dividers
Elevate Your Space with Decorative Metal Screens
Transform your home or garden with Incision's NZ-made decorative metal screens! Perfect for privacy, room dividers, or feature walls, they come in customizable sizes and finishes.
the words, incision decorative metal screens are shown in black and white on a gray background
Incision Decorative Metal Screens
Enclose, separate, shade or define a residential or commercial space. Decorative screens and panels can be used for interior and exterior zones such as feature panels, garden screens, privacy screens, fences and room dividers. Select the metal that suits your application best! Your screen can be built from a choice of three metals – Powder Coated Metal, Corten or Copper.
the cover of incision's decorative screening book, featuring an intricate design
Degree Decorative Metal Screen
Made to Measure Decorative Metal Screens that fit your unique space, and your needs, perfectly. This is our Degree design, these screens are a lovely way to add value and style to your spaces. Perfect for the home and or the workspace.