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an outdoor area with green plants and stone walkway leading to a bathtub in the corner
The Expansive Designs of Landscape Architect Thomas Woltz
A carpet of green underfoot among the pavers, dense ferns reach out from their contained space, vertical growth to increase the garden's expanse - lush! Thomas Woltz
an outdoor area with grass growing on the ground
Front terrace garden in Surry Hills. Flagstones and grass.
an umbrella sitting on top of a stone walkway next to green grass and bushes in front of a building
How To Grow Mondo Grass Between Pavers - Bunnings Australia
a fire pit sitting on top of a wooden deck next to trees and bushes in the background
Modern Fire Pit Gallery - Outdoor Fireplaces - Paloform
a fire pit in the middle of a patio surrounded by greenery and trees at night
Mix 850 Bioethanol Fire Pit - Bone - EcoSmart Fire