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Anyone for a game of Snakes & Ladders? - Cake by Mary @ SugaDust
A snakes and ladders birthday cake for my 6 year old
snakes & ladders birthday cake - Google Search
Homemade Snakes and Ladders Cake: I made this cake for a 4yr old's birthday party. This is a very popular kids board game (you go up the ladders when you land on them, and down the snakes!).
Simialr to what I have to make my soon to be 4yr old monster for his b-day next week! I'm cheating and using store purchased sponge cake then will decorate it with tina wafers to make the checks, bullets to make the ladders and ofcourse snakes for snakes :) Might jazz up the sides with some freckles
Snakes and Ladders cake
Snake and Ladder Cake
Chaise d'enfant rétro bois et corail : Meubles et rangements par abracadabroc
Ausgustin, le secrétaire, rangement, des années 60 rénové par Chouette Fabrique
Meubles buffet_secretaire_vintage_oscar_5 rénovés