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an outdoor garden with grass and trees in the center, surrounded by hedges on both sides
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an outdoor fountain surrounded by hedges and trees
Cdéco : le nouveau site d’inspiration dédié à la décoration
a fountain with water running from it and two lions on the wall next to it
This is Raisa's hacienda's dream courtyard reflecting pool/ fountain. <3 Ditto!
an image of a planter in the middle of a garden with water coming from it
Decorar Corredor Externo
Asian looking tall pots in beautiful green color that compliments the tropical landscape
an outdoor water feature in the middle of a lawn with grass growing around it and a house in the background
Contemporary water r... stock photo by Jerry Harpur, Image: 0083596
Contemporary water rill with grasses, paths and house in background - The Odrich Garden, Greenwich, Connecticut, USA
a water fountain in the middle of a brick walkway surrounded by trees and shrubbery
Tone on Tone - Interior & Garden Design
Tone on Tone: Here is our little courtyard garden. We built the fountain and painted it black so it would appear deeper. There are 6 white blooming Natchez crape myrtle trees underplanted with Monroe White liriopes.
a swimming pool surrounded by trees and plants
Modern Pool - Modern - Pool - Melbourne | Houzz
Like the mondo grass under the trees
an outdoor fountain in the middle of a garden
Fountain Features - Landscape - Los Angeles - by Mirage Landscape | Houzz
loooooooooooooooooooooove this design!!!! soooooooooooooo perfect for French country gardens!!!!!!!!!
a water spout in the middle of a garden with plants and shrubs around it
Ophiopogon nigrescens & gold hakonecholoa
a wooden deck with planters on it next to a wall and steps in the background
a garden with hedges and water feature in the center
Andy Sturgeon Landscape & Garden Design (UK) / repinned on toby designs
a patch of grass that is on the ground
75 Modern Landscaping Ideas You'll Love - February, 2022
Modern Landscape Design
an outdoor garden with lots of plants and water
Grote, strakke kindvriendelijke tuin met vijver, zitkuil en groot terras DECAtuinen Almere Flevoland
the garden is full of green plants and shrubs
Chelsea flower show 2013 - an expert view
Christopher Bradley Holes Telegraph garden at Chelsea 2013
an outdoor water feature in the middle of a garden
Chelsea Flower Show 2008 - The Savills Garden | Ronnie23
Chelsea Flower Show 2008 - The Savills Garden by Ronnie23, via Flickr