Francis Pañgan

Francis Pañgan

Francis Pañgan
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I love the river rock wall. Seems easy to make with just a little silicone.

especially the rock wall. would be great for snakes, turtles, frogs, even birds if it can be changed up a bit.

'LOTR/Iron Hills Soldier Heavy Armor

The most HEavy Armored Dwarven Army in MIddle Earth. As you can see there is barely to none Clothe seen,just Chain Mail and Plate Armor from toe to toe. Plate Armor is designed mainly to deffend and block against Cutting Type Attacks like Sword Slashes.

dain II ironfoot ;To battle, TO BATTLE SONS OF DURIN !!!! I loved this sene

Dain II Ironfoot: "To battle, to battle Sons of Durin!

Iron Hills Dwarf

This time it's not so crazy, only the helmet (so far, but I doubt I'll ever go past it).

OK — Bird Watchers’ House

Farmhouse Exterior Design, Pictures, Remodel, Decor and Ideas - page 8 Birdwatcher’s House by Jim Olson. Photo: Paul Warchol What Cat.