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Paul Jung — @pauljungdiary — is an Australian photographer, represented by Artist & Agency, based in New York. Today we take a closer look at the man behind the lens and into Paul’s exceptionally captured Instagram collection, that features a consistent minimalist aesthetic throughout.

Consistent minimalist aesthetic throughout. Paul Jung — — is an Australian photographer represented by Artist & Agency

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Image: Jeff Brunner Jeff Brunner offers this scathing critique of the values that the Disney Princesses teach girls. At the link, you can view a response about what Disney teaches boys. Link via Popped Culture.

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Captivating Photographs of Trauma Survivors Reenacting Scenes from a Missoni Catalogue - Feature Shoot

Self Portraits of an African-Canadian Dressed as Her White Ancestors Explores Her Mixed Heritage

Backra Bluid photo series by photographer Stacey Tyrell. "A dramatic investigation of the artist’s own mixed heritage and the colonialized experiences of non-whites.

The Model Minority theory has been labeled upon many Asians and Asian Americans for many generation. This generalization that Asians and Asian Americans are good at math and science makes up for the small percentage that really do prosper. However like many other acknowledgements, views would only see the one that does succeed. This positive stereotype are played in the favor for those who excel. However for those who don't, this theory becomes a threat.

This time magazine article is blatant visual stereotyping. Printed in 1987 when the nation was not as sensitive to prejudice it accompanies the caption, "Those Asian kids." Placing an entire ethnic group under a visual stereotype umbrella.

Where are you from?

What Kind of Asian Are You?, A Sketch Video by David Neptune & Ken Tanaka // If only I had a good comeback like she did as many times as I have had this conversation!

White Privilege means not being affected by negative stereotypes that have been perpetuated and ingrained so much into American society that people believe them to be fact. | Community Post: 17 Deplorable Examples Of White Privilege

This pin, found in the eBook Perception, shows the similarly between the Vogue cover and the King Kong film. This shows the stereotype of African American men being ape-like creatures

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Great sayings! Naked Black Justice Promo-LR -- love the last one, you are the future little man!